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Diet eBooks - No Cooking, with Daily Menus

100-Day_NoCook_1200Cover 2nd.jpg
100-Day_NoCook_1500Cover 2nd.jpg
90-Day No-Cooking Diet - 1200 Calorie eBook
90-Day_No-Cook1200_Cover 2nd.jpg
90-Day No-Cooking Diet - 1500 Calorie eBook
90-Day_NoCook1500_Cover 2nd.jpg
30-Day No-Cooking Diet eBook
30-Day_No-Cook_Cover 2nd.jpg
30-Day Diet No-Cooking Gluten-Free eBook
25-Day Diet No-Cooking eBook
10-Day Diet No-Cooking eBook
10-Day_NoCook_Cover 2nd.jpg

Diet eBooks - both Cooking & No Cooking, with Daily Menus

90-Day Perfect Diet - 1200 Calorie eBook
90-DayPerfect1200Cover 2nd.jpg
90-Day Perfect Diet - 1500 Calorie eBook
90DayPerfect1500Cover 2nd.jpg
60-Day Perfect Diet - 1200 Calorie eBook
60-Day-1200_Cover 2nd.jpg
60-Day Perfect Diet - 1500 Calorie eBook
60-Day-1500_Cover 2nd.jpg
50-Day Flex Diet - 1200 Calorie eBook
50-Day Flex Diet - 1500 Calorie eBook

Diet eBooks - Vegetarian (Pescatarian)

90-Day Vegetarian Diet - 1200 Calorie eBook
90-Day Vegetarian Diet - 1500 Calorie eBook
30-Day Vegetarian Diet eBook
7-Day Vegetarian Diet eBook
101 Vegetarian Weight Loss Recipes eBook

Diet eBooks - Gluten Free

90-Day GF 1200 2nd.jpg
90-Day Gluten Free Smart Diet - 1500 Calorie eBook
30-Day Gluten Free Quick Diet eBook
7-Day Gluten Free Express Diet eBook
101 Gluten Free Weight Loss Recipes eBook

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