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How Much Weight Do You Want to Lose?  Choose the Correct Diet eBook:

Some older, smaller, less active adults might lose a bit less; 

whereas younger, larger, active adults often lose much more.

 kg = Pounds / 2.2

Diet Books - with Daily Menus, Cooking Req'd

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100-Day Super diet - 1200 Calorie eBook
100-Day Super Diet - 1500 Calorie eBook
90-Day Smart Diet - 1200 Calorie eBook
90-Day Smart Diet - 1500 Calorie eBook
30-Day Quick Diet for Women eBook
30-Day Quick Diet for Men eBook
30-Day Diet for Women - Metric Edition eBook
30-Day Diet for Men - Metric Edition eBook
25-Day Easy - 1200.jpg
10-Day Diet Express eBook
7-Day Diet for Women eBook
7-DayWoman 2nd.jpg
7-Day Diet for Men eBook
7-Day Diet for Women - Metric Edition eBook
7-Day Diet for Men - Metric Edition eBook

Typical Daily Menu & Recipe from Our Diet Books (Cooking req'd) 

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