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* A Guide To Life-Long Weight Control *

Weight Maintenance - Metric Edition ebook cover
  • Perfect For Men and Women

  • Achieve Lifelong Weight Control

  • Keep Off the Weight You Have Lost

  • Learn How Not to Gain Weight as You Age

  • Look Much Younger than Your Age

  • Greatly Improve your Energy & Endurance

  • Enrich your Quality of Life & Live Longer

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WEIGHT MAINTENANCE - Metric Edition - TABLE of CONTENTS (125 pages)


Get a Medical Checkup
Cardio Self-Assessment
Take the 1609 Meter Walking Test
What Should You Weigh?
What’s Your Body-Fat Percentage?
Body-Mass Index (BMI)
What’s Your “Best Weight?”
Body-Weight Assessment Example
But What is Your Realistic Weight?

Be More Active on a Daily Basis
How Many kcalories Do You Burn?
Energy Burned Example
Exercise Categories
What Exercise is Right for You?
Aerobic Exercise: How Hard?
Aerobic Exercise: Target-Training Zone
Aerobic Exercise: A Walking Program
Get a Pedometer
Use Dumbbells to Add Muscle
More Strengthening Exercises
If You Miss a Session
Risks and Possible Problems
How to Avoid Injury
An Effective Low-Cost Program

Nutrients and Micronutrients
Complete & Incomplete Proteins
You Need Carbs
Glycemic Index
Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels
The Skinny on Fat
Vitamins and Minerals Clarified
Phytonutrients: Good Stuff from Plants
Guidelines for Healthy Eating
Basic Food Groups
Vitamin/Mineral Supplements
kcalories, kcalories
Estimating a Meal's Caloric Content
Fiber is Important
Make Sure You Drink Enough Water
Salt In Moderation
Limit Sugar You Consume
Common-Sense Nutrition
Eat Slowly

Conservation of Energy
Basal Metabolic Energy
Physical Activity Energy
Activity Levels
When Does Weight Change Occur?
Simple Weight Change Math
Weight Variations Due to Water

Why People Gain Weight as They Age
Why People Regain Lost Weight After a Diet
Lifestyle of People who Regain Lost Weight

Lifestyle of People Who Maintain Their Weight
The Weight Maintenance Program
Selecting Maintenance Calorie Table
Using Maintenance Calorie Table
Maintenance is a Life-Long Struggle
Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster
Set Meals: Easy Calorie Control
Planning Maintenance Eating
Maintenance Eating Plan Example
Use Mini Diets to Maintain Weight

Your Maintenance Calorie Level
Become a kcalorie Expert
Get a Good Cookbook/kcalorie Chart
kcalorie Control Using Technology
Set Meals & kcalorie Control
Learn to Estimate Portion Sizes
Understand Out-of-Control Eating
Learn How to Compensate
Simple is Better
Don’t Skip Meals
Eat Slowly
Understand Food Labels
Summarize Your Nutritional Needs
Choose a Variety of Healthy Foods
Don't Stop Exercising
Keep a Food and Exercise Journal
Monitor Your Weight
Build a Support System
More Weight Maintenance Strategies
Final Weight Maintenance Tip

Set Goals, Plan, Keep a Log
Keys to Life-long Weight Control
Maintenance Gets Easier with Time

18 to 35 yrs, 150 to 165 cm
18 to 35 yrs, 166 to 180 cm
18 to 35 yrs, 181 to 195 cm
36 to 55 yrs, 150 to 165 cm
36 to 55 yrs, 166 to 180 cm
36 to 55 yrs, 181 to 195 cm
56 to 75 yrs, 150 to 165 cm
56 to 75 yrs, 166 to 180 cm
56 to 75 yrs, 181 to 195 cm

18 to 35 yrs, 150 to 165 cm
18 to 35 yrs, 166 to 180 cm
36 to 55 yrs, 150 to 165 cm
36 to 55 yrs, 166 to 180 cm
56 to 75 yrs, 150 to 165 cm
56 to 75 yrs, 166 to 180 cm

900 kcalorie Balanced Diet
1200 kcalorie Balanced Diet
1500 kcalorie Balanced Diet
1800 kcalorie Balanced Diet


Click here to order Weight Maintenance - Metric Edition eBook


Table 2.1: Your Oxygen Processing Rate vs Fitness Level
Table 2.2: Percent Body Fat for Men
Table 2.3: Body Mass Index (BMI) versus Height & Weight for Men & Women
Table 2.4: Weight Profile vs. BMI
Table 2.5: Weight Range vs. Height for Men
Table 2.6: Weight Range vs. Height for Women

Table 3.1: Energy Expended per Hour for Different Activities
Table 3.2: Walking Program for Beginners

Table 4.2: Fats in Foods
Table 4.3: Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for Selected Vitamins
Table 4.4: Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for Selected Minerals
Table 4.5: Recommended Portion Sizes for Food Groups
Table 4.6: Energy Rank (per 100 g) of Basic Foods
Flags of all World Countries Table 4.7: Calorie Rank (per 100 g) of Common Foods

Table 5.1: Lifestyle Activity Levels

Table 6.1: Index of Men's Maintenance Tables
Table 6.2: Index of Women's Maintenance Tables
Table 6.3: Sample Maintenance Eating Plan
Table 6.4: Maintenance Eating Plan Worksheet

Table 7.1: Daily Nutritional Needs of Man in Example
Table 7.2: Sample All-In-One Fitness Log

Table AA: Weight Maintenance kcalorie Tables (Men)
Table BB: Weight Maintenance kcalorie Tables (Women)

Table C.1: Eating Pattern for 900 kcalorie Balanced Diets
Table C.2: Eating Pattern for 1200 kcalorie Balanced Diets
Table C.3: Eating Pattern for 1500 kcalorie Balanced Diets
Table C.4: Eating Pattern for 1800 kcalorie Balanced Diets

Figure 1: Strengthening Exercises (a to c)
Figure 2: Strengthening Exercises (d to g)
Figure 3: Forms of Energy Taken In and Expended by Human Body

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