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30-Day GF Diet Cover
  • Most Men Lose 15 to 20 lbs or Much More!

  • Most Women Lose 10 to 15 lbs or More!

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  • Over 150 Pre-planned Gluten-Free Meals

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  • Extensive List of Gluten-Free Foods

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The 30-Day Gluten-Free Quick Diet actually contains two 30-day diet plans: a 1,500 Calorie diet, and for even faster weight loss, a 1,200 Calorie diet. Both have a detailed meal plan for each of the 30 days. Also associated with each day is a "Recipe of the Day" and a "Diet Tip of the Day."

You'll be surprised at not only what you eat but how much you can eat. Enjoy pizza, pasta, pancakes, swordfish, london broil, a hamburger and more. Here are photos of the some of the delicious meals.

Photos of some meals from 30-Day Quick Diet for Women
All photos 2012 NoPaperPress.com CC-BY-ND (Photos may be shared but not modified - attribution required.)

What follows is a portion of the meal plan for day 26, a typical day in the diet.

Day 26 of 1,500 Calorie Diet

2012 NoPaperPress.com CC-BY-ND (May be shared but not modified - attribution required)

Day 26 - Recipe: Scallops & Grilled Polenta

Polenta is a northern Italian food that is now found in most parts of Italy and in northern Italian restaurants in the United States and Europe. For today's meal we will prepare a delicious variation - grilled polenta. But first a list of ingredients for Scallops & Grilled Polenta:

12222pound sea scallops
22cup gluten-free polenta cornmeal
22cup skim milk
12222medium portobello mushroom
22pound green beans
22cup chopped red onion
20222asparagus spears
12222tsp extra-virgin olive oil

Bring 1 cups of water and skim milk to rapid boil. Add salt to taste and slowly add polenta while stirring. Reduce heat. Continue stirring until desired consistency is reached. Pour polenta into a pan that has been lightly coated with a gluten-free spray. After polenta has cooled cover and refrigerate. Cut chilled polenta into 4 pieces. Grill polenta pieces on medium-hot fire about two minutes on each side.

Brush portobello mushroom and asparagus spears with extra-virgin olive oil and place on grill for about 3 minutes on each side. Slice mushroom and mix with steamed green beans and chopped onion. Salt and pepper to taste.

Grill scallops on medium-hot fire. Turn after two minutes or when first side turns opaque. Grill until second side turns opaque about another 2 minutes. Dont overcook but test a scallop by cutting to make sure its cooked through. Salt and pepper to taste.

Serves 4. One serving, the food on the plate below, totals about 380 Calories.

Photo of Grilled Scallops & Polenta dinner
2012 NoPaperPress.com CC-BY-ND
(May be shared but not modified - attribution required)

Diet Tip of the Day: "Eat Slowly." This is especially vital when you are trying to lose weight. If you are someone who eats fast, who finishes before everyone else at the table, you are not giving yourself a chance to feel full. While everyone else is still eating, you either sit there and pick, or you have seconds, taking in extra calories you could avoid if you would just slow down.

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