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* Sensible - Healthy - Perfect Weight Loss Diet *

60-Day Perfect Diet - 1500 Calorie Edition  
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  • Everyday You Choose: To Cook or Not to Cook!

  • Most Women Lose 12 to 18 lbs and Often More!

  • Most Men Lose 22 to 31 lbs and Often Much More!

  • Over 500 Pre-planned Meals & Snacks!

  • No Meal Planning - No Calorie Counting

  • Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry!

  • 167 Fat-Melting Pages!

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Which 60-Day Diet is Right For You?

  • 1200-Calorie Perfect Diet is appropriate for most women, especially smaller women, older women and inactive women.

  • 1500-Calorie Perfect Diet is suitable for larger women, younger women, active women, as well as smaller men, older men and inactive men.

  • 1800-Calorie Perfect Diet should be selected by larger men, younger men & active men. (This eBook has not yet been published.)

Download the "60-Day Perfect Diet - 1500 Calorie Edition" today.
Here’s what you get:

60-DAY PERFECT DIET - 1200 Calorie Edition - TABLE of CONTENTS

(167 pages) Written by Gail Johnson

**********What's in This eBook?
**********Why You Lose Weight?
**********The Best Weight Loss Diets
**********Why the 60-Day Perfect Diet?
**********Expected Weight Loss
**********Perfect Diet Info
**********First a Medical Exam
**********Eat Perfectly
**********No Cooking: Big-Bowl Salad
**********Cooking: Tossed Salad
**********Favorite Salad Dressings
**********About Bread
**********Substituting Foods
**********Eating Out
**********Perfect Diet Notes
**********Keeping It Off

**********Meal Plan for Days 1 to 10
**********Meal Plan for Days 11 to 20
**********Meal Plan for Days 21 to 30
**********Meal Plan for Days 31 to 40
**********Meal Plan for Days 41 to 45

**********Meal Plan for Days 1 to 10
**********Meal Plan for Days 11 to 20
**********Meal Plan for Days 21 to 30
**********Meal Plan for Days 31 to 40
**********Meal Plan for Days 41 to 45

**********Day 1 Recipe: Chicken with Peppers and Onions
**********Day 2 Recipe: Baked Herb-Crusted Cod
**********Day 3 Recipe: French-Toasted English Muffin
**********Day 4 Recipe: Low-Cal Meat Loaf
**********Day 5 Recipe: Veal with Mushrooms
**********Day 6 Recipe: Grandma's Pizza
**********Day 7 Recipe: Baked Salmon with Salsa
**********Day 8a Recipe: Perfect Egg (Breakfast)
**********Day 8b Recipe: Veggie Burger
**********Day 9 Recipe: Wild Blueberry Pancakes
**********Day 10 Recipe: Artichoke-Bean Salad
**********Day 11 Recipe: Mom's Pasta with Marinara Sauce
**********Day 12 Recipe: London Broil
**********Day 13 Recipe: Baked Red Snapper
**********Day 14 Recipe: Cajun Chicken Salad
**********Day 15 Recipe: Grilled Swordfish
**********Day 16 Recipe: Perfect Pasta alla Puttanesca
**********Day 17 Recipe: Shrimp and Spinach Salad
**********Day 18 Recipe: Pan-Broiled Hanger Steak
**********Day 19 Recipe: Four-Bean Plus Salad (side dish)
**********Day 20 Recipe: Beans and Greens Salad
**********Day 21 Recipe: Tina's Grilled Scallops & Polenta
**********Day 22 Recipe: Fettuccine in Summer Sauce
**********Day 23 Recipe: Barbequed Shrimp and Corn
**********Day 24 Recipe: Cheeseburger Heaven
**********Day 25 Recipe: Baked Sea Bass
**********Day 26 Recipe: Grilled Turkey Tenders
**********Day 27 Recipe: Pasta Rapini
**********Day 28 Recipe: Grilled Tilapia
**********Day 37 Recipe: Low-Cal Beef Stew
**********Day 29 Recipe: Broiled Lamb Chop
**********Day 30 Recipe: Chicken with Veggies
**********Day 31 Recipe: Pasta e Fagioli
**********Day 32 Recipe: Beef Kebob
**********Day 33 Recipe: Baked Haddock
**********Day 34a Recipe: Chicken Cacciatore
**********Day 34b Recipe: Blueberry Muffins
**********Day 35 Recipe: Poached Cod
**********Day 36 Recipe: Chicken Piccata
**********Day 37 Recipe: Beans & Greens Salad
**********Day 38 Recipe: Pan-Fried Sole
**********Day 39 Recipe: Beef Steak Strips
**********Day 40 Recipe: Grilled Scallops and Polenta
**********Day 41 Recipe: Grilled Pork Chop with Orange
**********Day 42a Recipe: Lo-Cal Smoothie
**********Day 42b Recipe: Healthy Pasta Salad
**********Day 43 Recipe: Beef Burgundy
**********Day 44 Recipe: Chicken Cutlet
**********Day 45 Recipe: Personal-Size Meal Loaf

**********Zero-Calorie Foods
**********Beverages (Wine & Spirits)
**********Meat, Fish & Foul
**********Vegetables & Fruit
**********Bread & Cereals
**********Dairy Products
**********Fats & Oils


**********Storing Frozen Foods
**********Frozen Food Safety
**********Sodium (Salt) Problem


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