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* Easy - Natural - Fast Weight Loss Diet *

7-Day Diet for Women Metric Edition eBook cover
  • Designed Especially for Women

  • Lose 1,5 to 2 kg in 7 Days - and Often More!

  • No Meal Planning - No Calorie Counting

  • Pre-planned 900 kcal and 1200 kcal Diets

  • Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry!

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MEN would probably prefer: 7-Day Diet - for Men (Metric Edition)

Excerpt from 7-Day JUMP START DIET for WOMEN - Metric Edition **

This eBook actually contains two 7-day diet plans: a 1200 kcalorie diet, and for even faster weight loss, a 900 kcalorie diet. Both have a detailed meal plan for each of the 7 days. Also associated with each day is a "Recipe of the Day" and a "Diet Tip of the Day."

Which diet calorie level should you choose? In general, small women, less active women and older women should select the 900 kcalorie diet and larger women, more active women and younger women the 1200 kcalorie Diet. In the end, you might want to try both to see which calorie level works best for you.

You'll be surprised at not only what you eat – but also how much you can eat. Enjoy pasta, pancakes, swordfish, hamburger and more. Here are photos of the some of the delicious meals.

Photos of meals from 7-Day Jump Start Diet for Women - Metric edition
All photos © 2012 NoPaperPress.com CC-BY-ND (Photos may be shared but not modified - attribution required.)

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Here’s what you get:

7-DAY DIET for WOMEN (Metric Ed) - TABLE of CONTENTS (51 pages)

Read This First
***What Makes for a Good Diet?
***Knowledge is Required for Success
***When to Use 7-Day Diet
***Begin with Medical Exam
***What's in 7-Day Diet eBook?
***Which Calorie Level is right for You?
***900-kcalorie Diet Warning
***How Much Weight Will You Lose?
***Lose Weight Even Faster - Exercise
***Guidelines for Healthy Eating
***Jump Start Diet Breakfast Guidelines
***Jump Start Diet Lunch Guidelines
***Jump Start Diet Dinner Guidelines
***Snack Guidelines
***About Bread
***Exchanging Foods
***7-Day Diet Info
***More Important Notes
***How to Keep It Off
***Step-Up Maintenance Plan
***How to Use this eBook
***900-kcalorie Diet Shopping List
***1200-kcalorie Diet Shopping List

Overview of Meal Plans

900 kcalorie Diet
***Meal Plan for Day 1
***Meal Plan for Day 2
***Meal Plan for Day 3

900 kcalorie Diet (cont'd)
***Meal Plan for Day 4
***Meal Plan for Day 5
***Meal Plan for Day 6
***Meal Plan for Day 7

1200 kcalorie Diet
***Meal Plan for Day 1
***Meal Plan for Day 2
***Meal Plan for Day 3
***Meal Plan for Day 4
***Meal Plan for Day 5
***Meal Plan for Day 6
***Meal Plan for Day 7

Recipes & Diet Tips
***Recipe & Diet Tip for Day 1
***Recipe & Diet Tip for Day 2
***Recipe & Diet Tip for Day 3
***Recipe & Diet Tip for Day 4
***Recipe & Diet Tip for Day 5
***Recipe & Diet Tip for Day 6
***Recipe & Diet Tip for Day 7

Calorie Value of Foods
***Zero-Calorie Foods
***Beverages (Wine & Spirits)
***Meat, Fish & Foul
***Vegetables & Fruit
***Bread & Cereals
***Dairy Products
***Fats & Oils

Frozen-Food Safety

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