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* Sensible - Healthy - Smart Weight Loss Diet *

90-Day Smart Diet - 1200 Calorie Edition  
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  • Most Women Lose 23 to 33 lbs and Often More!

  • Most Men Lose 35 to 45 lbs and Often Much More!

  • Diet All 90 Days or Choose only the Days You Prefer.

  • Over 500 Pre-planned Meals & Snacks!

  • No Meal Planning - No Calorie Counting

  • Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry!

  • 212 Fat-Melting Pages!

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Which 90-Day Diet is Right For You?

  • 1200-Calorie Smart Diet is appropriate for most women, especially smaller women, older women and inactive women.

  • 1500-Calorie Smart Diet is suitable for larger women, younger women, active women, as well as smaller men, older men and inactive men.

  • 1800-Calorie Smart Diet should be selected by larger men, younger men & active men. (This eBook has not yet been published.)

SAMPLE MEAL PLAN from 90-DAY SMART DIET - 1200 Calorie Edition **

90-Day Smart Diet offers an amazing 90 days of nutritious, delicious, easy-to-prepare meals and the guidance you need to succeed. Associated with each day is a "Recipe of the Day" and a "Diet Tip of the Day."

90-Day Smart Diet is unique. Imagine a diet with more than 500 planned, easy-to-prepare breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. With nutritional know how and good planning, the authors have devised daily menus where you should not be hungry - even on 1200 Calories.

You'll be surprised at not only what you eat – but how much you can eat. Enjoy pizza, pasta, pancakes, swordfish, london broil, a hamburger and more. Here are photos of the some of the delicious meals.

Photos of some meals from 90-Day Smart Diet
All photos © 2012 NoPaperPress.com CC-BY-ND (Photos may be shared but not modified - attribution required.)

90-Day Smart Diet is flexible. Don't like a particular food? No problem. Learn how to exchange it for a food you do like. .... What follows is most of the meal plan for day 70, a typical day in the diet.

Day 70 - 1,200 Calorie Diet
© 2012 NoPaperPress.com CC-BY-ND (May be shared but not modified - attribution required)

Day 70 - Recipe: Baked Cod

Baked cod makes a nutritious, low-calorie meal – simple and straight-forward. And on a diet simple is better. Why? Because simple, uncomplicated recipes usually contain fewer “hidden calories” than more elaborate dishes. .... But first a list of ingredients:

4222cod fish fillets (4 to 5 ounces each)
2222tablespoons flour
2222tablespoons cornmeal
2222tablespoons minced fresh herbs
2222teaspoons lemon juice
2222teaspoons olive oil
2222medium zucchini, sliced
1222medium tomato, chopped

Sprinkle cod with lemon juice. Mix flour, cornmeal and herbs and dust the cod with the cornmeal-herb mixture. Bake in oven at 375ºF for 10 minutes. Add salt and black pepper to taste.

Meanwhile, sauté the sliced zucchini and chopped tomato in olive oil over medium heat for about 5 minutes.

Serves 4. One serving is about 230 Calories (for cod only).

Photo of Baked Cod dinner
© 2012 NoPaperPress.com CC-BY-ND
(May be shared but not modified - attribution required)

Diet Tip for Day 70: Inevitably, everyone on a diet hits a frustrating weight-loss plateau. Two tried and true ways to bust through the plateau are: first to reduce your calorie intake and second to step up your exercise intensity.

Click here to order 90-Day Smart Diet - 1200 Calorie Edition

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Here’s what you get:

90-DAY SMART DIET - 1200 Calorie Edition - TABLE of CONTENTS (212 pages)

Written by Susan Chen with recipes by Gail Johnson

***Overweight - Why?
***Overeat - Why?
***You Can Lose Weight!
***What Type of Diet is Best?
***THe Best Weight Loss Diets
***The 90-Day Smart Diet
***Who Should Use This Diet?
***90-Day Smart Diet Info
***Expected Weight Loss for Men
***Expected Weight Loss for Women
***First a Medical Exam
***Lose Weight Faster - Exercise
***Strategies for Healthy Eating
***Tossed Salad
***Substituting Foods
***Two Nights Off Every Week
***Frozen Dinner Rules
***Eating Out Challenges
***Notes Relevant to 90-Day Smart Diets
***How to Deal With Food Cravings
***After You Diet- Keeping It Off

MEAL PLAN SUMMARY (Days 1 to 30)
MEAL PLAN SUMMARY (Days 31 to 60)
MEAL PLAN SUMMARY (Days 61 to 90)

***Meal Plan for Day 1
***Meal Plan for Day 2
***Meal Plan for Day 3
***Meal Plan for Day 4
***Meal Plan for Day 5
***Meal Plan for Day 6
***Meal Plan for Day 7
***Meal Plan for Day 8
***Meal Plan for Day 9
***Meal Plan for Day 10
***Meal Plan for Day 11
***Meal Plan for Day 12
***Meal Plan for Day 13
***Meal Plan for Day 14
***Meal Plan for Day 15
***Meal Plan for Day 16
***Meal Plan for Day 17
***Meal Plan for Day 18
***Meal Plan for Day 19
***Meal Plan for Day 20
***Meal Plan for Day 21
***Meal Plan for Day 22
***Meal Plan for Day 23
***Meal Plan for Day 24
***Meal Plan for Day 25
***Meal Plan for Day 26
***Meal Plan for Day 27
***Meal Plan for Day 28
***Meal Plan for Day 29
***Meal Plan for Day 30
***Meal Plan for Day 31
***Meal Plan for Day 32
***Meal Plan for Day 33
***Meal Plan for Day 34
***Meal Plan for Day 35
***Meal Plan for Day 36
***Meal Plan for Day 37
***Meal Plan for Day 38
***Meal Plan for Day 39
***Meal Plan for Day 40
***Meal Plan for Day 41
***Meal Plan for Day 42
***Meal Plan for Day 43
***Meal Plan for Day 44
***Meal Plan for Day 45
***Meal Plan for Day 46
***Meal Plan for Day 47
***Meal Plan for Day 48
***Meal Plan for Day 49
***Meal Plan for Day 50
***Meal Plan for Day 51
***Meal Plan for Day 52
***Meal Plan for Day 53
***Meal Plan for Day 54
***Meal Plan for Day 55
***Meal Plan for Day 56
***Meal Plan for Day 57
***Meal Plan for Day 58
***Meal Plan for Day 59
***Meal Plan for Day 60
***Meal Plan for Day 61
***Meal Plan for Day 62
***Meal Plan for Day 63
***Meal Plan for Day 64
***Meal Plan for Day 65
***Meal Plan for Day 66
***Meal Plan for Day 67
***Meal Plan for Day 68
***Meal Plan for Day 69
***Meal Plan for Day 70
***Meal Plan for Day 71
***Meal Plan for Day 72
***Meal Plan for Day 73
***Meal Plan for Day 74
***Meal Plan for Day 75
***Meal Plan for Day 76
***Meal Plan for Day 77
***Meal Plan for Day 78
***Meal Plan for Day 79
***Meal Plan for Day 80
***Meal Plan for Day 81
***Meal Plan for Day 82
***Meal Plan for Day 83
***Meal Plan for Day 84

***Meal Plan for Day 85
***Meal Plan for Day 86
***Meal Plan for Day 87
***Meal Plan for Day 88
***Meal Plan for Day 89
***Meal Plan for Day 90

***Day 1 Recipe: Chicken with Peppers and Onions
***Day 2 Recipe: Baked Herb-Crusted Cod
***Day 3 Recipe: French-Toasted English Muffin
***Day 4 Recipe: Low-Cal Meat Loaf
***Day 5 Recipe: Frozen-Fish Dinner
***Day 6 Recipe: Grandma's Pizza
***Day 7 Recipe: Chicken Dinner Out Guidelines
***Day 8 Recipe: Baked Salmon with Salsa
***Day 9 Recipe: Veggie Burger
***Day 10 Recipe: Wild Blueberry Pancakes
***Day 11 Recipe: Artichoke Salad
***Day 12 Recipe: Fish Dinner Out Guidelines
***Day 13 Recipe: Mom's Pasta with Marinara Sauce
***Day 14 Recipe: Very Berry Smoothie
***Day 15 Recipe: London Broil
***Day 16 Recipe: Baked Red Snapper
***Day 17 Recipe: Cajun Chicken Salad
***Day 18 Recipe: Grilled Swordfish
***Day 19 Recipe: Chinese Dinner Out Guidelines
***Day 20 Recipe: Smart Pasta alla Puttanesca
***Day 21 Recipe: Frozen Dinner - Meat Entree
***Day 22 Recipe: Shrimp and Spinach Salad
***Day 23 Recipe: Beans and Greens Salad
***Day 24 Recipe: Pan-Broiled Hanger Steak
***Day 25 Recipe: Four-Bean Plus Salad (side dish)
***Day 26 Recipe: Tina's Grilled Scallops & Polenta
***Day 27 Recipe: Fettuccine in Summer Sauce
***Day 28 Recipe: Frozen Dinner - Chicken Entree
***Day 29 Recipe: Barbequed Shrimp and Corn
***Day 30 Recipe: Cheeseburger Heaven
***Day 31 Recipe: Baked Sea Bass
***Day 32 Recipe: Grilled Turkey Tenders
***Day 33 Recipe: Frozen Dinner - Fish Entree
***Day 34 Recipe: Pasta Rapini
***Day 35 Recipe: Chicken Dinner Out Guidelines
***Day 36 Recipe: Grilled Tilapia
***Day 37 Recipe: Low-Cal Beef Stew
***Day 38 Recipe: Broiled Lamb Chop
***Day 39 Recipe: Chicken with Veggies
***Day 40 Recipe: Fish Dinner Out Guidelines
***Day 41 Recipe: Pasta e Fagioli
***Day 42 Recipe: Blueberry Muffins
***Day 43 Recipe: Beef Kebob
***Day 44 Recipe: Baked Haddock
***Day 45 Recipe: Chicken Cacciatore
***Day 46 Recipe: Poached Cod
***Day 47 Recipe: Chinese Dinner Out Guidelines
***Day 48 Recipe: Healthy Pasta Salad
***Day 49 Recipe: Frozen Dinner - Meat Entree
***Day 50 Recipe: Pan-Fried Sole
***Day 51 Recipe: Beans and Greens Salad
***Day 52 Recipe: Chicken Piccata
***Day 53 Recipe: Beef Steak Strips
***Day 54 Recipe: Grilled Scallops and Polenta
***Day 55 Recipe: Hearty Vegetable Soup
***Day 56 Recipe: Frozen Dinner - Chicken Entree
***Day 57 Recipe: Salmon with Mango Salsa
***Day 58 Recipe: Grilled Pork Chop
***Day 59 Recipe: Fish Dinner Out Guidelines
***Day 60 Recipe: Chicken Stew over Rice
***Day 61 Recipe: Shrimp over Spaghetti
***Day 62 Recipe: Beef Burgundy
***Day 63 Recipe: Chicken Cutlet
***Day 64 Recipe: Personal-Size Meal Loaf
***Day 65 Recipe: Frozen Dinner - Fish Entree
***Day 66 Recipe: Pita Pizza
***Day 67 Recipe: Chicken Dinner Out Guidelines
***Day 68 Recipe: Pork Medallions in Lime Sauce
***Day 69 Recipe: Healthy Chicken Salad
***Day 70 Recipe: Baked Cod Fish
***Day 71 Recipe: Chicken Scaloppini
***Day 72 Recipe: Fish Dinner Out Guidelines
***Day 73 Recipe: Pasta Pomodoro
***Day 74 Recipe: Frozen Dinner - Chicken Entree
***Day 75 Recipe: Szechuan Noodles and Pork
***Day 76 Recipe: Gary & Sue's Grilled Scallops
***Day 77 Recipe: Chicken with Peppers and Rice
***Day 78 Recipe: Trout with Lemon and Capers
***Day 79 Recipe: Chinese Dinner Out Guidelines
***Day 80 Recipe: Vegetable Chili
***Day 81 Recipe: Frozen Dinner - Meat Entree
***Day 82 Recipe: Chinese Chicken Salad
***Day 83 Recipe: Hearty Lentil Stew
***Day 84 Recipe: Turkey Burger
***Day 85 Recipe: Low-Cal Meat Loaf
***Day 86 Recipe: Tuna and Bean Salad
***Day 87 Recipe: Pasta Primavera
***Day 88 Recipe: Frozen Dinner - Chicken Entree
***Day 89 Recipe: Fish Stew
***Day 90 Recipe: Veal with Mushrooms & Tomato

***Zero-Calorie Foods
***Beverages (Wine & Spirits)
***Meat, Fish & Foul
***Vegetables & Fruit
***Bread & Cereals
***Dairy Products
***Fats & Oils



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